Then you have MSNBC, not a news channel in any respect of the word news; it is a Democrat propaganda channel worse than CNN, worse than Fox News. Its news staff is complete liars, and they know it and don’t care. Take Joy Ried, the homophobic angry racist anchor who no one in their right minds would ever be friends with, remember her OH My Blog was HACKED lie, no it wasn’t, but because she’s loud, yes because she is black and mainly because she works for MSNBC it was ignored, much much more about her coming soon.

Print news, the New York Times the Washington Post used to be the gold standard in the news. Even though both have told more lies throughout their history than any other news organization, they also had a good amount of truth in them.

But today, reading them is like reading hateful versions of the national enquirer; they win awards for stories that proved to be lies, like Trump and Russia, they pile up on those lies, and when they get caught, they put one sentence stuck deep inside their papers, never apologizing only just a half-assed excuse. Both you and I have to pay to read them; if you don’t, you’ll only hear about their so-called news on TV channels and never the real stories.

Now there are questions to be asked about every single news source we have these days. During the 1770s through the 1800s, the news was all bald-faced lies, but everyone knew they were lies put out by political parties. Today the news behaves like they are not affiliated and impartial, but if facts matter, they are worse today than they have ever been.

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